Consumer Insights Survey: Taste, Quality over Local, Want More Info

The Slice consumer insights survey was a feature of my first version of this Blog (previously known as

This is a write up of the results – loved loved loved everything you had to say. Thankyou!

Key Findings

* Buy Local is important but quality and taste wins out.

The top two factors that respondents pointed to when thinking about the last ‘gourmet’ food item they bought were ‘just wanted to try something new (27%) and ‘like supporting local producers’ (27%). This was followed by ‘needed it for a recipe’ 17% and ‘I had heard or read about it’ (13%).

Then when asked to list the most important factors influencing a decision to buy Quality (30%) and Taste (28%) were ahead by a mile for most respondents.  Locally Produced was a reason given by only 13% of respondents, alongside ‘wanted to try something new’ (9%).

* There is an appetite for producers to communicate more comprehensively about their product.

While many respondents felt well informed for decision making a lot were not sure.  On the  one hand, nearly two thirds (63%) of respondents believed that most producers of gourmet foods gave them enough information to make an informed decision. However, quite a large number of respondents (21%) that said they didn’t believe this was the case, and 17% said that they didn’t know / weren’t sure (in other words, roughly a third).

* There is a desire for more information from producers, particularly about the provenance story of a product but also ingredients and explaining price You wanted more information about the provenance of a product.  Ingredients, how best to use the product, health benefits, and why it costs more were also listed.  (Scroll below for the actual responses).

* Specialist Food Stores and Food Magazines are the main sources of product information (26% and 20% respectively) but unsurprisingly websites and blogs, and social media (both 15%) also were important for this group.

* Producers need to keep in mind that they wont always hear negative feedback when you haven’t liked their product, although the friends of respondents may. In this survey, if respondents liked a product, most would ‘tell your friends’ (17 responses) and also ‘post on social media’ (6 responses) although several of you may be inclined to ‘do nothing’ (5 responses).  ‘ On the other hand, if respondents didn’t like a product, they would be most inclined to ‘do nothing’ (13 responses) although large numbers would ‘tell friends’ (9 responses) some would ‘post on social media, websites or blogs’, or maybe ‘write a letter’.

* Respondents were passionate about or enjoy food and also tended to be the main grocery buyer – no surprises there because all responded to a call out from a food blog! Just over half of respondents describe themselves as passionate foodies (58%), with about a third saying they enjoy food but are not particularly passionate about it (38%). 79% of respondents indicated that they were the main food buyer.  And of these, more than two thirds said that they would buy gourmet food items several times a month or every time they shop.

* Most respondents were from Australia, but there were a few from Europe and United States. Slice Consumer Insights Survey Sample Size: 25 respondents.

Detailed Responses – What Respondents Wanted More Product Info On

About how best to use or serve their product, hints, recipes, advice, etc.


to hear the background about a product is my favourite thing and what inspires and convinces me that it is a superior product eg. where it is made (remind me how local!) and so on….




More information on the provenance of ingredients.


More on health benefits and why it costs more


The story about the product. I am less interested in the nutritional detail than the story about the product and its maker.


I would like more information on the Processes used in the production of the food.


Where items are produced. I love buying from barossa, hills and local farmers but some items are not clearly marked and are even international with little clear markings.


I’d like to know about their production process; are they sustainable, local, ethical. Ingredients are also really important to me. No numbers is my philosophy and being gourmet to me means being fresh.


simplified ingredients list.


More info on the story behind the product – that’s why farmers markets are so good.

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