Dinner at Little NNQ Gouger St

IMG_6431I recently had my first visit to Little NNQ.

Oh I know, this is a little gem of a place that almost everyone seems to have been to, but not me.

It’s a narrow small fronted venue on Gouger St – sister to NNQ (Nghi Ngan Quan) in Woodville.

Imagine a cosy, narrow, long little place with a flight of stairs leading upwards – to a function room I suspect.  There’s also some outdoor seating at front.

As we enter I flash back to a similar eatery many years ago in Hanoi where I just missed an antique cooling fan as it sliced off the wall – two steps faster and it would have taken off my nose.

Another story for another time, suffice to say that I’m a fan of the real deal when it comes to Vietnamese food.

Little NNQ was right on point.

We started with a serve of cold rolls, a balanced mix of vermicelli, fresh and cooked fillings with a ‘dip your finger in good’ hoi sin dipping sauce.



Ha Noi cooked rolls were crunchy and chewy in only the way that a fried rice paper wrapped filling can be, with the filling generous and textured, wood ear mushrooms just detectable.

Why do other places try to skimp on what is such a tasty intention?


Some Caramelised King Prawns – “King” was right.

My mouth is watering writing this.  I wonder if they home deliver?


The Pork Belly was moist and tender and crunchy in all the ways that pork belly should be. The sweet and tangy dipping sauce, and the crisp vegetable salad being a perfect foil to the unctuous pork. 


The Slow Cooked Beef Stew was fall-apart tender, snuggled in its rich brothy gravy scented with star anise and cinnamon.  Not that I ate much of it, by now I was well and truly full!

IMG_6437Definitely heading back to Little NNQ, such a tasty night.

I may also have their take away menu now stored in my car 🙂


Details are:

Little NNQ

Open for Lunch & Dinner
Wednesday – Monday
Closed Tuesday

(08) 8211 8558

125 Gouger Street, Adelaide 5000


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