Fave Fruit Mince Pies in Adelaide

IMG_2810Time to spark a little festive spirit with a list of my favourite fruit mince pies in Adelaide.

I’ve grown into them over the years, so I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

These days I love them.

Especially with a scalding hot cuppa.

They just scream of Christmas, and I love that they’ve been around for eons, repeatedly reinterpreted and shared.

There are (apparently) some who like to make a little secret wish after eating their first mince tart of the festive season.

Or try eating a mince pie every day from Christmas to Twelfth Night (6th January) to bring happiness for the next 12 months (although you  might not want to eat another one for a while).

I’m already tucking into my stash.

Here’s my current fave fruit mince pies in Adelaide.

And if you have one – let me know – I’ll happily continue the hunt.

Just call it stocking up on my New Year happiness quota.


IMG_2801[1]The Village Baker

Fruit Mince Pies are award winners at The Village Baker with their version a Gold Winner at the Royal Adelaide Show (2013 Best Christmas Lines).

Short and lightly cooked pastry in a smaller tartlet size, topped with a pastry star.

The filling is moist and glossy, almost oozing as you bite into a boozy fruity mix.

Apples, orange rind, currants, sultanas, raisins all there.

Luscious and moreish mix, but in nice balance with the pastry.

X(mas) factor? Beautifully presented and a delicious size, sprinkling of icing sugar a festive addition.

Pick them up for $2.00 each or 3 for $10.50

IMG_2806Red Door Bakery

Think fruit mince that has been marinating for the last year in a 17 year old Seppeltsfield Muscat at Red Door Bakery.

Oh my.

Dark, crusty, rough puff pastry case, and topped with a crunchy flakey star.

Some crunch to the bite and slightly caramelised pastry edges that give way to a luxurious and muscaty plump fruit centre.

I had to eat the whole thing.

X(mas) factor?  These are a beautiful hand worked version, rustic looking and a very special treat for the table.

They cost a little more, retailing at $4.50 each.

IMG_2868Bici Espresso e Pasticceria 

Three versions on offer at Bici Espresso e Pasticceria, including full pastry topped Australian or dutch versions, but my money is on the mini’s.

Not much more than 2-3 bites worth, these are perfectly portioned for a season of excess køb cialis.

Bite into one and you are already well into a moist and tasty filling.

X(mas) factor? I loved the way that the generous dusting of icing sugar burst a little into my mouth as I took a bite.  And now I can have another one.

These are $2.50 each, although they will discount for larger quantities.

Image Courtesy of By Blackbird
Image Courtesy of By Blackbird

By Blackbird

Another Show Ribbon Winner from Royal Adelaide (2013 Professional Baking category), Jim & Chakey at By Blackbird offer a delicate french style tart.

Thin, short well-cooked pastry shell, perfectly formed within a smooth tray.

The filling is one of ever-so-finely diced and macerated fruit mince with no fruit left whole, glazed after baking before being topped with a well-dusted pastry snowflake.

The flavour is rich and full, deeper than than the usual, and I loved the texture of the diced fruit.

X(mas) factor? A beautiful French style tart unlike most others on the market.


So, which will I be buying this Christmas?

So far, a little of each!

I’m also planning to check out the offering from Market St Cafe when they start dishing them up later this month.

Do you have any that should be on my list?

Let me know below, and I’ll check them out!


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