Muma Rosa’s Real Italian Plain & Simple


To be frank,  I resisted ‘ready to eat’ meals for a very long time.

Pre-marinated meats, heat and eat soups, quiches or crepes, even jars of pre-made passata.. I just wasn’t buying it.

I’m a Traditionalist.

I like rituals.

And I get something so much more out of making a meal from scratch.

Oh, how things change.

Time is such a precious commodity for me these days.

Same amount of time, I just expect to use much more of it.

Family. Friends. Business.  Fitness. Blog.  Holidays. Celebrations. Sport. Occasions. Renovations. Projects. Playdates. Holdiays. Self….

Yes I still cook many meals from scratch, but I have to be a whole lot more organised to do it.

Cook up big on weekends, freeze several batches.

It’s all very adult.

And sometimes it works pretty well.

For the weeks when the wheels fall off, as often they do, Glynburn Gourmet – Muma Rosa’s –  is not far from me and it’s saved my sanity more than once.


Glynburn Gourmet is nestled amongst a group of shops on Glynburn Road in Firle, one of the key roads cutting through Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs.

Look for the blackboard sign on the roadside “Rosa’s Homemade Pasta Tray, Ready To Eat”.

Now don’t go expecting gloss and glitz.

That’s not what this place is about.

Think warehouse-style continental grocery store, meandering through two premises, well-stacked and bursting with local and imported goodness.

A huge central deli section with cured meats, cheeses and marinated vegetables, surrounded by heavy shelves full of dry, tinned and bottled goods.

The kind of place I walk into and immediately slow down, methodically taking every aisle in with little sparks of inspiration en route.





So back onto Ready To Eat meals..

Head to the front part of the store for the day’s range as it does vary, and obviously around 4 or 5pm the stock is at it’s peak.

The last few times this has included:

  • Two types of Cannelloni – chicken and ricotta or spinach and ricotta
  • Lasagna
  • Penne with a creamy mushroom sauce or a simple tomato sauce
  • Fettucini with a simple tomato sauce
  • Conchiglie with Spinach & Ricotta
  • Veal Cotolletta
  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Baccala
  • Gnocchi
  • Ready-made garlic bread is available in either soft or crusty bread varieties.
  • Plus a small selection of Canoli and other Italian pastries

They also advertise a range of different catering platters.



Prices vary depending on what you buy and the size of the tray and they are pretty competitive.

All are freshly made and in deceptively generous serves.

My kids love the Creamy Mushroom Penne, and the Conchiglie are also pretty popular at our place

The Cabbage Rolls and Cannelloni looked super moreish.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t taste mass produced.

It’s fresh, tasty and ‘gobble up al dente’ just like home cooked pasta should be.

And I can always get a park out front.

What on earth took me so long to get here.




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