Hey Jupiter – Quick Pics



Hey Jupiter is a french light eats and cocktail bar suitably sandwiched in the cosy corner that is Ebenezer Place.

Ours was a share plate lunch, with imported anchovies, delicious charcuterie with rillettes, french wine, deliciously cultured butter and obligatory bread.

More please.

Sandwiches we resisted but the range is great, with regular specials including pork belly, black pudding, lobster.. don’t go looking for vegemite.

And there’s something more than a little french about sitting outdoors, facing onto the bustling, seemingly cobble-stoned place, with delivery vans and lunchtime pedestrians weaving right and left.  And the day is a sunny one, so it’s a beguiling mix.

I’ve now got my eye on the breakfast cocktails.

Late lunch anyone?


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