..and then this: Jamface by Poh

IMG_0116v2Nestled in a quiet corner of the not so quiet Adelaide Showground Farmers Market newcomer Jamface is staking out ground.

True, I went looking for them, although the logo was easy to spot: large white tarp with oversized caricature, broad smile, red  cheeks, long plait.

A shopfront laden with goodness, beaten copper benchtop, atmospherics befitting a market stall.

IMG_0117v3The range is fun: crackers and jams, pastries both savoury and sweet, pot set yoghurt, tomato passata (for pasta or pizza).

Part wholesome, part whimsy, and just a little bit french.

Not the formal white linen stuffy collar kind.

But the beautifully-laden, country-bounty kind of French .. home cooked, well-tended, and put together just-so.

IMG_0127v2The cracker bags are a personal favourite – lots of crunch and substance.  A Rosemary version that works so, so well with a soft runny cheese, and the Percorino are great on their own.  I can’t stop at one.

And funky packaging – grease-proof lined brown paper bags that wind down from the top; the same caricature logo on everything..

And what is that persistent feeling of naughty as my hand dives into the bag? I’m guessing that sneaky 10c of lollies after school.

The team on stall are are whipping up pan fried pizzettas, hand rolled dough, pan fried in oil.  Warm and chewy and crisp.

Then the delightful little pot-set yoghurt, cute little jars with blue raffia tied spoon.  I had the blueberry, with a layer of lightly textured jam, and – hooray – not too sweet yoghurt underneath.  I bought an extra one for the kids.

IMG_0118v2And the pastry – I had tried the milly filly (vanilla slice) the week before, looked gorgeous, true vanilla bean cream; but was it a teensy bit dark on the pastry? Perhaps I’ve just been ruined by the prefabricated suburban version of my youth. 

But the warm caramelised onion ‘Paris Pastie’ I would definitely head back for.  A delightfully folded pocket of sweet onion and a little potato, with a generous sprig of thyme. Delicious.

The plum tart is on my list for next visit.


I would be remiss not to mention that Jamface is the latest venture by Poh: artist, actress, creative spirit and successful cooking show contestant; and in my brief meeting, a completely warm and engaging soul.  In the words of some, quite “a clever little chook”.  I love this interview with her here.  

But don’t make this your reason for visiting.

It was a short chat but I came away with a sense of real. This is no fly by night pop up; Jamface is an authentic desire, to create something fun and delicious, to take a seat at the farmers market table in a slow-burn, ‘pull your chair up and sit down’ kind of way.  No glitzy launches.  No big bash. Just this.

You have to give a whole lot of credit for that.

Postscript:  MissMarzipan has posted a lovely piece on being a part of the first day of Jamface – have a look over here.

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