Buderim Ginger Cordial – And A Spark From My Past

IMG_4629v2I was kindly offered – and accepted – some product free of charge which led to this post.  All thoughts and views are completely my own. See my disclosure policy over here.

I have a dim distant memory of summers spent on the sunshine coast – Nambour at my Nanna’s, racing around in bathers and not much else.

She loved ginger.  Crystalised.  In biscuits. Cordial.  In tea.

And I’m pretty sure we visited Buderim Ginger more than once.

I also have a soft spot for the stuff; honed during pregnancies frought with morning sickness.

Lemongrass & Ginger tea is still a regular choice.

So the email in my inbox about new Buderim Ginger products struck a chord and I found myself saying yes; I listen to the universe these days.

I received a bottle of new Ginger Revitalise (reduced sugar) Cordial Mix, and a swag of recipe links.

‘Cook with Cordial this Winter’ it suggested; the Ginger Sticky Pork Ribs had my attention.

But first, a little with soda water.  The flavour is fresh and definite lingering ginger heat.

And while I haven’t ‘quit sugar’ I do try to watch what I’m doing.


I try out a couple of recipes.

There’s the Ginger Sticky Pork Ribs and even though I fast-tracked the recipe – not marinating overnight – these were really good.

Finished with sesame seeds and a little shredded mint.

Lip smacking deliciousness, with real ginger flavour too.

A few days earlier I tried the Ginger and Soy Dressing.

This was good too, a quick and easy mid-week mix, served over a simple slaw.

Although I did add a little more to taste.

Both dishes I would make again.

And I’ve also got beside me the Ginger & Honey Iced Tea and Ginger Marinated Chicken Skewers recipes to try next.

So would I buy it?

Yes, for the cordial mix alone; I could be kidding myself but it feels like a healthier alternative for the whole family.

Added bonus are the recipes; as quick way to mix up the mid-week kitchen – I can see myself sloshing it into lots of things for a quick flavour boost (perhaps even today’s pumpkin soup).

And lucky for me that there’s also a family memory that’s been a bit special to entice out.

Thankyou Buderim Ginger. I hear Nanna’s lovely voice as I type.




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