This Is Tracey: OzHarvest Delivers Extra Cheer To St Lukes

Hayley of OzHarvest with Tracey, volunteer at St Lukes


[Disclosure: This is kind of a sponsored post, although I do it for love not money.]

Meet Tracey.

Tracey is gearing up for one of the busiest days of the year at St Lukes Anglican Church, one of the countless agencies across Adelaide who provide emergency food assistance to people doing it tough.

And Tracey volunteers her time to do it.

On Christmas Day, St Lukes is expecting around 300 mouths to feed.

Men. Women.  Children.

That’s 300.

Now multiply that by 30 and you might start to get some feel for the magnitude of the problem here in SA.

St Lukes use fully donated produce, such as the five turkeys dropped off this week plus funds raised through the OpShop.

Not to mention at least one significant cash donation from a local couple.

As well as donated presents for the kids.

And there are regular deliveries from OzHarvest – three times a week that includes fresh, nutritious but unsalable produce from stallholders of the Adelaide Central Markets – plus also a Farmers Market delivery on Sundays.



Today OzHarvest State Manager Hayley Everuss is donating some OzHarvest Gingerbread Vans, made with love as part of the current Tree of Goodness campaign hosted by the Adelaide Central Market.

It’s through campaigns like this that OzHarvest is able to keep doing what it does.

And the impact is no trifle – two meals rescued for every dollar given.

From now until Market closing tomorrow, Christmas Eve, market-goers can donate any spare change or through purchasing OzHarvest merchandise – including Gingerbread Vans, Tea Towels and a new Cookbook – and every donation means another tag on the tree indicating more meals rescued.

A bright yellow visual of community food love.

(And you know, it’s one of the reasons why I like the OzHarvest cause so much.  It’s so simple, so effective, and just so tangible results.  You can read more about why I volunteer over here.)

You can read more about the Tree of Goodness here:

ABC Online


Rip It Up

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Rosehips and Rhubarb

OzHarvest Tree of Goodness at the Adelaide Central Markets, Image Courtesy of OzHarvest


And so, back to St Lukes.

It’s a peaceful place, as I find most places of worship are.

But this one is also very utilitarian.

This is a working space, well-used and well-visited by people coming and going, eating and sharing, giving and caring.

It was the boxed community gardens out front that really caught my eye.

Sunflowers, resplendent in yellow, turning their faces to the street, as if to welcome passers-by.

On Christmas Day I will be thinking of the many, many locals that will wander past on their way in.

Sunflowers in the community vegie garden outside St Lukes Adelaide


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