Quick Roasted Apricot Icecream and my Happy Place

IMG_3212v2Today, I snuck myself off to my Happy Place.

It’s a little spot off to the side of the house, walled with ivy and bathed in afternoon sun.

Perfect spot to quietly draw breath.

Not that Christmas has been at all unhappy – far from it.

It’s just been a busy, and to be honest – after a couple of left-of-field hiccups, including (we hope temporary) partial paralysis for our beloved older dog – it’s was a pretty stressful time getting there.

But now the fairy dust has settled and the toys lie scattered in different states of play.

And I had a moment for my time again.

So I stepped outside with my holiday special of Fete, and a scoop of particularly delicious Roasted Apricot Icecream apricot icecream.

It’s summer holidays in a bowl.

IMG_3214v2So I’d been steadily using up our abundant crop of apricots since mid December, with this icecream along with jam and a little chutney stockpiled nicely.

I wont lay claim to the recipe – I found the original over here at Completely Delicious, where the process has been beautifully photographed – but I abbreviated it a lot.

Namely because in the mellee of the last month, I couldn’t find my icecream churner.  Excellent.

But the result is pretty good.

So I’m saving it here so I remember to do it again.

And if you want give it a shot, you might want to check quantities based on the original, which is probably more tried and tested than mine (I tend to wing it.)

Here’s to your Happy Place, wherever you find it.


Quick Roasted Apricot & Honey Icecream 


15 or so apricots

brown sugar


2l vanilla icecream


Preheat oven to 180 deg (c).

Halve and quarter the apricots, remove kernels.  Scatter apricots on a roasting pan (single layer) and sprinkle liberally with brown sugar.

Roast until edges start to caremelise, this took maybe 25 or 30mins for me as I used a lot of apricots.


Empty icecream into a large bowl, add roasted apricots and drizzle with honey.  I used probably a tablespoon or two of honey.

Then quickly mix it all together, pop it back into the icecream container and return to the freezer.

This method ends up with a fairly textured icecream, chunks of apricot, intense hits of honey, and still little parcels of vanilla white.

I topped my with shaved almonds – for good measure.



somewhat craggy but bountiful apricot tree












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