Vintage Cake Slice Collection Courtesy of The Props Dept.

Vintage Cake Slice Collection Courtesy of The Props Dept.

Here’s a roundup of some interesting consumer insights research that I’ll be linking back to later – maybe you will find it useful too.

Convincing Asian Consumers to Try Your Innovation: Neilsen (Aug 2013)

There’s some very useful insights here around consumers in Asia and their uptake of new product innovations.  Usefully, the report is framed in company-centric terms, such as understanding what constitutes a compelling proposition for consumers in Asia, distribution channels and launch strategies.   To compile the report Neilsen analysed brand re-launches, line extensions, new pack introductions and new brand entrants, and identified five key ways to improve the chances of success.  Download the report here.

Woolworths Trolley Trends Report (Aug 2013)

The major food retailers Woolworths and Coles obviously have deep pockets and rich reserves when it comes to consumer research, so it’s useful to read what they hear. Last month Woolies released it’s Trolley Trends Report, a multi-layered research piece involving several entities, including high profile social commentator Bernard Salt.  The report looks at changes to Australian consumer behaviour over the last 25 years, and includes user-friendly infographics.  I found interesting the stats on our changing national palate, and also generational differences in buying behaviour from Frugals to Gen Y’s.  Download the report here.

What’s Cooking? Trends in Food: JWT Intelligence (Feb 2012).  

Ok, so its a little dated, but I thought this was a nicely put together and thought-prompting piece.  It delves into eight macro food trends and three over-arching trends impacting the industry (inflluence of technology, health and wellness and foodie culture).  The report brings each trend to life and I liked the ‘what it means for brands’ element for each.  Trends were based on qualitative, quantitative and desk research including in markets such as US, UK, Spain, Thailand, Poland, Venezuela, Argentina and South Africa (although not China).  Download the full report from Trend Reports section here.

McKinsey Insights China – Meet the 2020 Chinese Consumer

Since 2005, McKinsey has conducted annual consumer surveys in China, interviewing in total more than 60,000 people in over 60 cities.  They have projected trends and traits likely to be driving growth in 2020. There’s a lot of detail in this report and it’s one to come back to (along with other research reports in the McKinsey suite).  But I particularly liked the tie-back to implications for companies, including recommendations like decentralising decision-making to capture very significant regional disparities, and narrowing consumer segments to appeal to consumer individuality. Download the report here.

Food and Beverage Industry Outlook Survey: KPMG (2013)

This is a US-centric (and also large Corporate-centric) piece that is the result of interviews with 110+ c-level executives in the food and beverage sector.  Again, its a fairly detailed report.  One of the key takeouts is the critical ingredient of customer insights (read also big data) as being increasingly important in driving growth.  Results emphasise the role of technology in driving industry growth whether this is new opportunities to understand and engage with customers or reform the way they grow transform and operate, with analysis of increasingly large volumes of customer data as key.  Respondents also touch on factors such as expected investment and growth, and workforce expectations. You can download the report here.

I hope this is a useful place to start – I’d love to hear if you think so.  Why don’t you post below if there is other Consumer Insights research that should be added to this list.