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IMG_6587v2It’s the anticipation I think – breathe-it-in abundance – and a drive up into the Adelaide Hills just feels so incredibly rich in it.

No sooner than you leave the main streets of Adelaide than you are winding up through rolling Tuscany-green, vinyards and livestock, character homes and sandwich-board signage urging travelers to taste within.

It’s a food-lovers mecca.

Today I’m headed to Woodside – 37 km from Adelaide – for the launch of new Adelaide Hills cheesemaker Section 28 Artisan Cheeses.


It’s Sunday and a cracker of a warm spring day.  Perfect.

And I’m welcomed personally by owner and cheesemaker Kym Masters as I walk in.

Section 28 is a new producer of french alpine style cheese here in our own backyard.

As these things need to be, it’s very much a labour of much love for Kym.

If we want to make meaning, we need to make art.  (Brene Brown)

While a long and successful Corporate Finance career has had it’s place in the life of Kym Masters, a call of a different kind has now weedled its way in.

Travels through France and a year living in Italy, as well as an early start to life on a farm, these are all things that Kym attributes to his dedication today – producing hard and semi-hard cheeses that celebrate the local terroir.

His face lights as he talks of making meaning through art, tradition and region, of flavour and striving to capture that very essence of the grass on which animals graze.

Such tales I could listen to all day.

IMG_6589v2There are two varieties mature and available for purchase, celebrated so deliciously at the launch.

As of now, Kym’s focus is on continuing to keep learning and perfecting each.


Montforte a hard cheese with nuttiness, and a round smooth bite, and over successive pieces deepens in flavour.  Nice touch was the stamped exterior on the wheel reflecting precise attention to detail.

IMG_6626v2Mont Priscilla a creamy textured, semi-hard cheese in the Morbier style with a soft orange rind and an impressive line of ash through the centre.  Mellow muskiness comes through on first bite.

These are no ordinary fromages.

IMG_6607v2Adelaide Hills Single Vinyard winery BK Wines was on hand to celebrate, with their Petillant Naturel and Skin n Bones white partnering perfectly with the Mont Priscilla, the Gower Pinot a match for the Montforte.  Winemaker Brendon telling me of the ‘pow’ moment when french grape varietals and french cheese techniques came together on Australian soil.

Also on offer were American Style Pale Ale from Lobethal Bierhaus and Cider from Lobo Cider with the Elderflower and Lime Mineral Water deliciously refreshing.

Tasty cheesy morsals kept coming from the kitchen.


Roast tomato soup with Kym’s own cheese biscuits (signature ash through the centre).

IMG_6612v2Mont Priscilla wrapped in prosciutto with fig and fig jam.


Fluffy mini cheese muffins.


Two cheese parcels, crisp and light little filo pillows.

IMG_6620v2Cheesy spicy popcorn with fresh lemon zest.

IMG_6591v2And a gloriously huge cheese spread in the centre of the room.

IMG_6608v2Special mention for kids with lots of different activities from colouring to planting, and even chocolate milkshake on tap.

But this was no add-on for the convenience of those attending.

The launch of Section 28 Cheeses was an arms-open-thankyou for people who have shared the journey so far, big and small.

A celebration of friends and family who have helped Section 28 be where it is today – from learning the art of cheese, to building the factory, preparing and serving food for the launch, and those most important to us “who don’t crack” when you suggest starting a new career as a master cheesemaker.


I felt more than a little honoured to be a part of the day.

You can find Section 28 Mont Priscilla at local cheese magnificence Say Cheese at Adelaide Central Market.

I’d be keeping my eyes peeled for more locations soon.


Section 2 Artisan Cheeses

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