An Anniversary Tale: Two Years Blogging

IMG_5741[1]Wow, two years blogging.

I know that because my Linked In profile told me so.

Yeesh. Ok so I missed that one.

But having a blog is a bit like owning that most awesome pair of heels.  You just cant keep popping them back on and taking them out for a spin, even if those sensible runners keep beckoning for every day.

What lessons have my two years of The Provendery given me? It’s hard to quantify, but here goes.

1. Where I started was never going to be where I would end up.  I spent months on the first website; learning the ins and outs of wordpress, redesigning the page, the look, the feel, the name – and within 6 months I was already done with both. Hello rebrand.

2. Keep close to your ‘truth’.  Every blogger has one, the ‘why’ that drove us to start.. that keeps us logging in boutique.  Life is good if you stick close to your own truth and not mis-aim for that of others.

3. Content is king. Ok, so this is an oldie .. as a blogger you are selling stories; experiences; so images and words matter – really matter.  Make them the best that they can be, in the way that makes most sense for you.

4. Near enough is sometimes good enough.  Those early posts were long in curation; painstakingly worded and edited, photos selected and copy reviewed.  Words matter to me. A lot.  But I’ve learned that sometimes – so long as you are doing justice to your subject – its as much about giving voice to the creative process. Yup – point 2.

5. There are some wonderful creative souls out there.  I’ve met some amazing friends and some incredibly creative, inspiring, passionate souls because of this little adventure (you know you you are <3) – there’s something so good about making a connection over a common hungry good.

6. The delete button is your friend.  From spam in your inbox to spam comments on the blog …. it will drive you nuts, particularly if some days it’s the only blog mail you get.

7. “How’s that blog / facebook / instagram / twitter ..?” (said with sarcasm)  People around you wont always understand what it takes to keep up – and to be honest, sometimes they have a point.  I love a shared meal – sometimes the best thing you can do is to put down the phone/camera/pen and be in the moment. Did I mention point 2?

8. Oh, and I really (really) like Zeppole. It’s an addiction.

I’m off now to pop on the stilettos – who’s in?


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